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10 Tips for Spring!

Posted on March 20th, 2014 by Anna Yasharian

If you’re looking to prep your home for Spring, take a look at these 10 great tips!

  1. Add style to your yard by installing a brick pond or bird bath.
  2. Add a beautiful flower bed along the walkway, around your deck, or around the patio. What a warm welcome to spring.
  3. Consider adding a great exterior door to the front of the house, it will be sure to add flair and personality to your home.
  4. Place hanging baskets of cascading flowers around your porch.
  5. Install fabulous lights to transform your property at night, turning trees, buildings and other landscape features into dramatic focal points.
  6. Have an elegant Pergola built so that you can add some luxury to your yard.
  7. Lets make your grass as beautiful as possible treat it to some Grass Seed and Lawn Fertilizer
  8. Consider resealing your drive way.
  9. Make a small brick pavers patio in your back yard.

I have to prioritize the things that I wanted done yesterday!

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