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New Years Quickly Underway

Posted on January 5th, 2014 by Anna Yasharian

It’s 2014! With the New Year quickly under way, what new strategies will you put into action this year to improve your passion for your home? One thing I am trying to do is create “home improvement lists,” itemizing things I want to get done on my home in 2014.

One mistake we often make when creating a “to do” list is to over achieve. We cram it full of everything we can think of and then are too overwhelmed to begin. The answer? Start out with realistic goals. Begin your task with something basic and then work on it step-by-step.

For example, let’s start with paint. You can refresh a whole room with new paint, whether you hire a painter or do it yourself. This is a home improvement item that is relatively inexpensive, and one that can give you a whole new passion for that forgotten room in your home. But instead of just rushing off to paint and check it off your to-do list, here are a few tips that can help you turn this task into a project that you can really get passionate about.

Select the room that you want to improve or change.

  • List 5 ways that room is being used currently.
  • List the ways that you would like that room to be used in the future (if different from above).
  • Think of the top 5 ways you love to spend your time.

After making your lists, go a bit deeper and think about how this room can be turned into something special, where

  • The color makes sense and matches the needs and uses of the room. (Reading room, play room, etc.)
  • There is one new and exciting detail to incorporate into the room. (Consider adding a different color to a corner for reading, sipping coffee, story time, doing puzzles, or your hobby for that room, etc.)
  • You select a color that you associate with one of the ways you love to spend your time. (At the ocean, etc.)

What you are doing is taking a simple task, personalizing it, and turning it into something about which you can be passionate!

Signing Off – Anna Yasharian

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